Consulting Bangladesh

Consulting Bangladesh (CB) started its journey in 10th May 2012 with a vision to assist individuals and firms to safeguard sustainability and growth in this competitive business world.  CB started its corporate expedition with a mission to deliver unique business solution to a specific business segments. At the starting of the journey CB mainly provides consultancy services to professionals and individuals across Bangladesh. In 2015 in response to emerging market demand of consultancy services CB expends operation in a vaster level steering at both business firms and individuals. As of now more than twenty experts & professionals from diversified background are serving people across country collaborating with Consulting Bangladesh.

Since 2015 Consulting Bangladesh started a new business wings to meet unique training requirements of professional. Consulting and Training Bangladesh (CNTBD) collaborate together to serve and meet diversified demand and service requirements of Bangladeshi people in the most effective way.

Why Consulting Bangladesh:

Consulting Bangladesh Aims to Reinforce One’s Thought Process.

In today’s rapidly evolving competitive   business  environment it’s a great challenge for firms & individuals to ensure  survival. As a result It is obvious for every individual and firm to implement small incremental changes, time  to time for personal and business growth. Sustainable growth for both individual and  firm requires taking bold chances and taking insightful decisions. CB works with full dedication to excel firms and individuals capacity and attributes to transform human skills into competitive advantages.

Consulting Bangladesh Service Offerings:

Consulting Bangladesh offers a wide range of consultancy services to its unique clients. A list of all services offered by CB is mentioned below:

  1. Human Resource Consultancy
  2. Employee Training and Development Consultancy
  3. Cinematography and Photography Consultancy
  4. Career Counseling and Career Development Consultancy
  5. Head Hunting Consultancy
  6. Job Placement Consultancy
  7. Marketing and Branding Consultancy