Employee Training

Consulting and Training Bangladesh (CNTBD) Offers a wide range of Employee Training and Development Programs to meet the unique training and development requirements of any business firm. CNTBD organized trainings of diversified fields which most related and much essential for any professional working at national, multinational, group of companies or at any international NGO’s. Till date CNTB has organized more than hundred training sessions and trained over twelve hundred professionals. There are twenty industry experts, trainers and consultant is associated with consulting and training Bangladesh.

Employee Training Programs

CNTBD offers and arrange diversified field and types of training programs. Most commonly adopted and arranged training programs are:

  1. Soft Skill Training
  2. Technical Skill Training
  3. ICT / IT Training
  4. Specialized Training
  5. Next Stage Career Development Training
  6. Commercial / Supply Chain / Inventory / Logistics Training