Customized Training

In respect of meeting unique training needs of diversified clients Consulting and Training Bangladesh (CNTBD) holds the finest experience in Bangladesh. CNTBD is one of the most efficient customized training organizer of the country with eight long years of customized training organizing experience. CNTBD gives eighty percent training satisfaction guarantee in terms of arranging any customized training.

Corporate and Customized Training Service Bundle

CNTBD offers a bundle of services with its customized training offerings. Customized Training usually involves Training Need Assessment and Training Impact Analysis services within the package.

Arrange a Customized Training Only for Your Team / Employees

Consulting and Training Bangladesh (CNTBD) is happy to meet you and your team and arrange customized training only for your team and to meet your unique need. Customized training can be arranged either at client premises or any desired location as per client requirement.

If you are planning for team outing or company annual trip or educational tour or recreation trip adding a small portion of customized training session can excel team binding and lead team spirit and performance to a higher level.