Training Bangladesh

Consulting and Training Bangladesh

Training Bangladesh (TB) started its knowledge sharing journey in 11 January 2015 with an aim to develop human resources across Bangladesh. After assessing unique need and demand of diversified skill development activities, Training Bangladesh design, developed and offer professional skill enhancement courses related one’s professional life. TB offers a wide range of employee training and development programs that enhance capabilities and possibilities of an individual.

Since 2015 Consulting Bangladesh started a new business wings to meet unique training requirements of professional. Consulting and Training Bangladesh (CNTBD) collaborate together to serve and meet diversified demand and service requirements of Bangladeshi people in the most effective way.

Why Training Bangladesh

Training Bangladesh aims to develop human resources of all level with right training programs with an aim to transform them into competitive advantages of any business. Till date TB has organized more than hundred (100+) corporate employee training and development programs of numerous business organizations operating business across Bangladesh. TB has trained more than twelve hundred (1200+) professional of diversified background in dynamic fields.

TB Employee Training Experience At a Glance

  • 50 Training Content Design
  • 25  Training Module Development
  • 100+ Employee Training Sessions Conducted
  • 10 Professional Profile, CV and Bio-data Crafting
  • 1200+ Employees, Professionals, Trainees and Freshers Trained
  • 05 Corporate  and Personal PowerPoint Presentation Designed and Developed

TB Service Offerings

Training Bangladesh offers a wide range of professionals skill development services across Bangladesh. Some of the most common Training programs of Training Bangladesh are:

  1. Soft Skills Training
  2. Technical Training
  3. Next Stage Training
  4. Specialized Training
  5. Corporate & Customized Training
  6. Information and Communication technology (IT) Training