Soft Skills Training

In developing soft skills of the professionals across country Consulting and Training Bangladesh (CNTBD) has been playing a very significant role in enhancing soft skills. Soft Skills comprises of character traits and interpersonal skills which are mandatory for achieving personal and organizational objectives. Dynamic Soft Skills trainings of Consulting and Training Bangladesh (CNTBD) helps professionals, trainees, and freshers to avail set of skills which are essential for starting a career and taking career to next level. Consulting and Training Bangladesh (CNTBD) offers the finest soft skills training programs of Bangladesh.

Soft Skills Training of Consulting and Training Bangladesh (CNTBD)

  1. Corporate Etiquette
  2. Time, Task and Stress Training
  3. Email Writing and Netiquettes
  4. Business Communication Training
  5. Effective Email and Letter Writing
  6. Professionalism & Communication
  7. Written Business Communication Training
  8. Effective Workplace Communication Skills
  9. CV, Bio-Data, Resume, Cover Letter Writing
  10. Essential English for Official Correspondence
  11. CV, Cover letter and Interview Handling Tips
  12. Professional Grooming & Communication Skills
  13. Essential Skills for Customer Service Excellence
  14. Public Speaking and Smart Presentation Skills Training